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Shodan 2-Year Anniversary Deal
Full Access to Shodan for $19

If you've been waiting for the right time to dive into Shodan and see everything it offers, then get ready. As part of celebrating Shodan's 2 year anniversary, I'm offering all add-ons as well as 5 bonus credits for $19. Normally everything would cost $50, but during the anniversary celebration there's a bundle that includes everything for a one-time payment of $19 (no subscriptions).

To see exactly what you get, I've broken down the various add-ons:

Unlock the unrestricted API

The Developer API add-on removes the filter restrictions from the Shodan API. In addition, this add-on lets you page through results 100 hosts at a time (each page past the 1st one uses 1 unlocked query).

  • Access to all filters in the API. No query restrictions!
  • Unlimited regular API calls.
  • 100 unlocked queries per month. (Unlocked queries are searches that use one of the normally restricted filters.)
  • Iterate over more results using the new "page" argument.
Shodan library available in Python, Ruby and Perl.

Check out the official Shodan API documentation and learn how to access Shodan from Python, Ruby or Perl. For an example of how Shodan can offer new functionality to your program, check out the awesome FOCA tool.

Expand your search to Telnet and HTTPS

Telnet and HTTPS are two services not normally accessible because it takes more effort/ resources to scan for them. Specifically for HTTPS, the survey was conducted with the 'sslscan' tool to also grab the certificate and cipher information. This lets you do searches to locate servers supporting specific ciphers, finding certificates issued by certain companies and querying based on other SSL specific information.

View up to 10,000 results through the website

With this add-on you're not limited to viewing just the first 50 results of a search query. Instead, you'll see up to 10,000 hosts in your results! Never again will you hit a page telling you that you can't go any further. And if 10,000 results aren't enough, then don't forget that you also get unrestricted API access with this offer.

Bonus: Includes 5 credits for export or future add-ons

And just in case there's an add-on in the future that you must have, or you really want to export some data in XML, then this deal also comes with 5 credits.