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Frequently Asked Questions


What ports does SHODAN index?

The majority of data is collected on web servers at the moment (port 80), but there is also some data from FTP (21), SSH (22) and Telnet (23) services. There are plans underway to expand the index for other services. Let me know if there are specific ports you would like to see included.

Can I help out?

Yes and no. Currently, there's no way to directly upload your own banner data to SHODAN. Due to concerns of maintaining data accuracy and preventing abuse, I haven't added such a system yet. But I would greatly appreciate any donations to keep SHODAN alive and growing. All contributions are much appreciated and make a big difference.

What is CIDR notation?

Check out what the nice folks at Wikipedia have written on the topic.

What port scanner are you using?

A home-grown, distributed port scanner was developed for this project.

How can I search SHODAN directly from my browser?

It's easy and doesn't require the installation of any addons. Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the drop-down arrow in your browser's search box (see images below).
    In Internet Explorer:

    In Firefox:
  3. Select "SHODAN"


I never got an activation email!

Make sure to check your spam folder, as it sometimes gets incorrectly flagged as such. If you can't find the email no matter what, then contact me through Twitter/ email and I'll resend the activation email.

The font in the results isn't showing correctly.

The results banners are shown using the 'Terminal' font, which are great for maintaining monospacing but can cause problems at various font sizes. To fix the problem, increase or decrease the font size in your browser.