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Welcome to Shodan
Locate any device that's connected to the Internet

Shodan is the world's first computer search engine that lets you search the Internet for computers. Find devices based on city, country, latitude/longitude, hostname, operating system and IP.

Check out Shodan Exploits if you want to search for known vulnerabilities and exploits. It lets you search across Exploit DB, Metasploit, CVE, OSVDB and Packetstorm with one simple interface.

Add Shodan to your software using the API

Check out the official Shodan API documentation and learn how to access Shodan from Python, Ruby or Perl. For an example of how Shodan can offer new functionality to your program, check out the awesome FOCA tool.

Shodan library available in Python, Ruby and Perl.

Some cool stuff you can do with Shodan

The Shodan Research website includes projects that provide new insights and interesting information using the Shodan data or API.

How I Met Your Router

HTTP Header Survey

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